Be Sure You’re Given a Certificate of Destruction: Here’s Why

Any professional shredding service that stands behind its work and cares about its clients provides a certificate of destruction upon completion of a shredding service. While this might just seem like a standard receipt for some, many people don’t understand the importance of the certificate of destruction document. Sometimes that lack of understanding can be costly.

For those who are new to professional shredding services, a Certificate of Destruction is a document supplied by a shredding company to the client after a shred job is completed.  Essentially it represents and showcases what was shred, how it was shred and where the shredding took place. Usually the Certificate will also indicate the date of the shredding job, the name of the driver or machine operator, and whoever may have viewed the shredding process from the company (specifically if it took place on-site.)

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If your shredding company fails to provide you with a Certificate of Destruction this should be cause for concern and most definitely should be raising some red flags. For starters, it doesn’t signify that the service provider publicly stands behind its services. Certificates of Destruction are a common practice among professional document shredders, and those who aren’t offering these are usually considered untrustworthy.


Secondly, should there be an occurrence of information breach or accusation of data mismanagement in reference to important legislation such as FACTA and HIPAA, there is nothing the client will have for argument purposes that guarantees the quality of the destruction process. It is fairly uncommon for a document shredding company to improperly shred documents, but mistakes happen and if there was an unfortunate scenario where there was a possibility of incorrect shredding, the Certificate gives clients some ammunition to work with, directing responsibility over to the shredding service provider. This is the biggest reason clients should request a Certificate of Destruction if they are not freely given one.


Legislation’s such as FACTA and HIPAA include regulations for the management and disposal of documents containing potentially sensitive information;


  • For healthcare businesses, HIPAA is an important piece of legislation to look into concerning the obligations and requirements expected of them.


  • For nearly all businesses FACTA governs the management of consumer information with the aim of preventing identity theft and consumer fraud.


If you are in need of a reputable and quality document shredding service in Anchorage or looking to replace a provider who is currently failing to provide you with the proper credentials, turn to Alaska Archives; you won’t be disappointed! Choose from both on-site and off-site services depending on your schedule and requirements. In either case, we will customize a plan that is desirable for your company and its unique needs. Reach out to our team today to find out more details.

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