Are You Prepared For Your Computer System To Fail?

Let’s be serious: as great as computers and their capabilities are, they do fail in a way a pen and paper never quite did. This reality has made it important for computer users to ensure they have a robust and reliable system that has their back if something in the system fails. Is your Alaska…[Full Article]

Ready to Dispose of Your Hard Drives? Here’s How to do it Securely

Electronic data keeping is on the rise, and with this growing trend also comes the need for increased security. What does this mean? Your hard drives must be kept entirely secure while stored and when they are no longer needed. Failing to, could expose pertinent information surrounding your business and those involved. Don’t let this…[Full Article]

Have You Considered Your Online Security?

The web provides us with many opportunities to learn, search, and communicate. With the internet however, comes other risks that should be addressed more regularly. See what you can do to stay protected while surfing the web! 

Why You Should Eliminate the Recycling Bin

Recycling bins are far too often than not, used for the wrong reasons. It’s important to learn why your documents don’t belong in these blue bins and what you can do instead.