Stay in Compliance with FACTA and Stay Protected

  Companies throughout the United States are mandated to practice several legal processes under both state and federal law. Because each industry differs, it can be challenging to stay on top of what legal obligations your company needs to abide by. With that said, there is one that is extremely important and critical to adhere…[Full Article]

Some Great Records Storage Tips to Consider Trying

Record storage is a significant contributing factor in the ability to maintain organization over your personal and business records. It’s simply a necessary procedure for a lot of reasons; it keeps information organized allowing for easy retrieval when needed, and keeps information secure from potential threats. Without secure off-site record storage in Alaska, files can…[Full Article]

Watching the Shredding Process Provides Peace of Mind

The most commonly used document shredding service available today is on-site or mobile, shredding services. While off-site document shredding provides the same level of security, there are some advantages to on-site which may be why it’s typically a more common choice. For instance; the majority of companies are scrambling day-to-day to simply accomplish duties they…[Full Article]

Have You Implemented a Clean Desk Policy Yet?

A Clean Desk Policy is highly suggested for all businesses. Why? It keeps your employees organized and focused on maintaining information security at all times. Keeping your workspace free from clutter sets a positive work tone, but most importantly, it is highly effective in securing sensitive records.  At the end of each business day, it…[Full Article]