Is Your Financial Institution Using Professional Shredding Services?

In today’s world, it’s imperative that business owners are following and implementing the proper security measures to protect sensitive information from exposure.  Failing to place attention on this critical need could leave your company vulnerable to unfortunate consequences.

Why Document Shredding is so Crucial for Your Business

Identity theft is a very alarming subject matter, and while most of us in Alaska are aware of some basic preventative measures to protect ourselves, it is still fairly common to turn on the news only to learn about a new victim who has experienced theft of their identity. Corporate fraud cases can also occur…[Full Article]

Choose Mobile Shredding to Maximize the Security of Your Information

  When it comes to document shredding it has typically be considered standard practice that the customer brings their documents to be shredded to the shredding facility. But Alaska Archives wants to let customers know that this isn’t the only way to have documents destroyed. In fact, there is another option that provides even greater…[Full Article]

Are You Prepared For Your Computer System To Fail?

Let’s be serious: as great as computers and their capabilities are, they do fail in a way a pen and paper never quite did. This reality has made it important for computer users to ensure they have a robust and reliable system that has their back if something in the system fails. Is your Alaska…[Full Article]