Advantages of Document Shredding

Shredding your unwanted sensitive documents is increasing in importance due to privacy laws becoming more stringent. If you are currently trying to decide whether your or not your Anchorage business requires ongoing document shredding, consider the below advantages:   Peace of Mind–Professional document shredding offers company owners and customers’ significant peace of mind knowing that…[Full Article]

Partnering with a Document Shredding Provider: What to Consider

Partnering with a Document Shredding Provider: What to Consider Perhaps your office space is becoming limited, and you are beginning to notice that filing cabinets and employee desks are flooded with endless documents; much of it outdated content. Of course, due to the fact that the majority of these records contain vital and sensitive information,…[Full Article]

Know What to Store and Shred: The Need for a Document Retention Policy

There are many aspects involved in information security, but a detailed and thorough document retention policy is one component that every Anchorage organization should implement.  Knowing what sensitive information to securely store, and what documents require document destruction, is something that should be a top priority among every business, predominately through tax time when information theft is…[Full Article]

Top Reasons Why Alaska Organizations Outsource Records Management

If your Alaska business is beginning to feel overwhelmed by the growing number of records piling up in-house, you are not alone and we sure don’t blame you! It can be extremely difficult dealing with records destruction dates, retrieval times, and space limitations, let alone taking the focus away from your business in the meantime!…[Full Article]