Stay Secure While Doing Your Holiday Shopping this Year

The start of the holiday season is now here! While the hustle and bustle of online shopping, mailing out Christmas cards, going away on vacation and decorating your home/office can be a fun experience, it can also be a stressful and scary one if you don’t prepare accordingly!

holiday shopping security

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It goes without saying that the holidays bring an exceedingly high level of shopping, which unfortunately also present the perfect time for cyber hackers to empty some wallets. In fact because so much shopping is done through the web these days, it’s easy for a skilled hacker to do what’s needed to access financial and other personal details that should theoretically be protected and only known to the shopper. Plain and simple, if you are going to be cautious any time of the year, the holidays are the time to do so.  Shop on trusted and reputable sites, protect your debit card at the checkout, know your surroundings, and always verify your bank account statements to ensure the transactions posted were carried out by you and not a criminal.

These holiday safety tips can make a significant difference in your security:

  • If a deal seems too good to be true, it likely is; listen to your gut instinct. It’s a good reminder that you can’t always believe everything you see and read online.
  • Stop and review before you click on anything. This is critical in relation to pop-ups especially and e-mail advertisements.
  • If you are like the many shoppers who prefer to do their purchases online, be sure that you can trust the merchants you are purchasing from. Visit each website by directly typing in their URL into the search tab, and you may even want to avoid websites that do not have ‘https’ in their URL, as this may indicate they aren’t secure.
  • We highly recommend that you use a credit card online rather than a debit card. Credit card technology provides greater security, and your provider may be able to offer you protection that will prevent your liability if information is stolen or used incorrectly.
  • Be sure to keep each and every single receipt and credit card statement. Experts suggest that you shred credit card statements after 45 days, and with the many purchases you’ll likely make throughout the holidays, you’ll want to have these in a safe place where you can locate them quickly and easily when need be.
  • Shred everything! As you’re probably well aware, shredding sensitive documents helps tremendously in reducing identity theft and it helps keep your financial records organized accordingly. If your business has yet to invest in a shredding program, it’s critical that you consider doing so to keep your finances protected this holiday season. After all, when you complete document shredding for your office, you decide what to store and what to shred.
  • Check that your mobile phone is secured while you’re out and about running errands and shopping. Specifically check that your Wi-Fi connection comes from a secure source. With so many shoppers going the online route, it is imperative your mobile devices are all updated. Also, double check that your home and business Wi-Fi are private and can host encrypted data.

It is critical to be extra cautious and secure yourself when it comes to the Christmas holidays. If you have important documents piling up that require shredding, it is in your best interest to invest in professional shredding services in Anchorage. Stay safe over the holidays and be proactive when it comes to protecting your identity!

Alaska Archives has your back and is always here to assist you in protecting your sensitive information. Once you’re ready to dispose of all those holiday receipts you know who can help! Our secure document shredding services are both cost-effective and convenient.

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