How Secure is Your Alaska Business? Some Considerations to Keep in Mind

As a business owner, you are likely quite aware of the challenges associated with staying in the loops of day-to-day processes, while ensuring your high-priority “to-do’s” are also tended to. It’s very understandable and the reality for many companies, unfortunately, unless you have a manager tasked to training and implementing policies and procedures, it’s easy to brush aside security measures.

business security

Information theft is a growing problem, and unless we are being proactive at work and at home in protecting sensitive documents and files, we can quickly fall victim to theft and fraud. What can you do to change this is shift your focus towards internal security measures? Consider putting together a security check-list at the very least; this means a list of procedures that help to enhance the organization, efficiency levels, and security in your workplace. In the United States the majority of companies must adhere to federal and / or state legislation surrounding the handling and disposal of records deemed private. Each goes into specific detail as to what the law entails and the financial penalties that could be experienced when non-compliance occurs. FACTA and HIPAA are two such noteworthy laws, although there are others you should also be aware of.


If you are wondering how you can improve the security levels in your current workplace, take a look at a few simple but effective steps to get you on the right path:

  • Conduct a Risk Analysis

One of the most important things office managers and business owners can do when trying to lock down information in their workplaces is to figure out where the potential issues are. You can only fix problems when you are aware of their existence!

  • Perform an Employee Screening Process

Reviewing staff more diligently is a smart and effective decision. Conducting through the criminal background checks and requesting references prior to hiring is not only common, it is mandatory for some workplaces; this should be a top consideration when you are hiring employees who will likely have access to sensitive information to perform their job role.

  • Come up with an Effective Plan

Implementing office-wide policies that promote responsible information management and organization (such as a clean desk policy) could be a wise place to start. The results of your risk analysis will largely determine the design of your plan to resolve and maintain fixes to any vulnerability your office may be encountering.

One major component that companies in Alaska factor into their regular business procedures is responsible document shredding. Introducing something such as a locked shred bin that can separate and keep potentially-revealing documents out of site and hands can go a long way; particularly when combined with the use of a professional document shredding service.

At Alaska Archives, we offer a variety of solutions for secure information management, of course including both on-site and off-site document shredding that can be customized to your budget and service requirements. Should your Alaska office require assistance with its shredding or if you’re interested in learning about our records storage services, get in touch with our team for services that are trusted and carried out under one roof.


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