How Can You Make 2019 Your Best Year? Consider these Resolutions for Your Small Business

New Years’ resolutions aren’t always focused on losing weight, living a healthier lifestyle or traveling more. Sometimes they can pertain to goals for your business, such as gaining new customers, revamping your marketing plan, setting specific sales goals etc. As a small business owner, you may want focus on everything from income to customers to social media efforts.

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Successful small businesses learn from past mistakes, stay on top of current trends and design an outline for an effective business plan; whether this is done yearly or quarterly. If you’re getting organized to discuss last year’s performance with your team, and how you can make changes moving forward, here are some key points you should consider discussing:

  • Cash Flow Management

Owners of successful small businesses can put plans into place based around the patterns and predictions of cash flow.  With that said however, the goal is reach consistency in this area of business. As a business owner you’ll want to establish enough capital so that you can make necessary investments back into your business to prevent any surprises or setbacks when it comes to day-to-day finances. The last thing you want is to fall short.

  • Check that Funds and Important Data is Secured

Be sure that you have the proper security protection in place; this applies to your computer systems and other important aspects of your internal business processes. If you haven’t obtained cyber liability insurance, you could risk being hacked. Cyber crime is on the rise and unfortunately criminals are only becoming more sophisticated in their approach. A study by Verizon revealed that 58% of all malware attacks are small businesses (and not large corporations as some would guess). Why you might wonder? Company size is irrelevant to hackers; if they can successfully obtain confidential information or access your funds, that is all that matters.  Documents of sensitive nature always need to also be protected. Are your files loose around the office? Do you have secure containers to dispose of old records? This is vital in ensuring an organized and secure 2019. Be sure you have set up a secure document shredding program.

  • Focus on Your Online Presence

Make your online presence a priority this year! Whether you are a small or large business, having a voice and connecting with potential customers online is imperative today. Are you on social media? Having an updated and mobile-friendly website will also makes a significant difference in how your potential clients obtain information online. We highly suggest that you create an email marketing list along with your social media profiles, so you can easily engage with your clients. developing social media profiles to engage with customers and clients. This will assist in promoting your business and services while allowing people to engage and connect with you immediately.

  •  Consider Growing Your Team

If workflow has gone up, this is definitely not a bad thing but it could hurt your productivity levels if you don’t have enough employees to handle the work itself.  Don’t put yourself in a situation where you could fall behind on jobs because you are lacking bodies. Making the decision to hire additional staff members will reduce stress and ensure you’re in a position to complete tasks at hand on-time and with efficiency. Focus on growing the business and not on whether you have resources to complete specific jobs.

  •  Find New Ways for Effective Communication

Successful small businesses are run by great communication. When employees feel like they’re being kept in the dark or don’t have the right information to work off of to better serve your customers, it will only cause confusion and break trust and transparency within your business. Focus on being a better communicator and hold regular meetings, stand-ups and one-on-ones with employees to make sure everyone is on the same page.


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