Geologic Core Storage

Alaska Archives offers more than document shredding and records storage services.  If you require geologic core storage, our secure facility is designed for all of your core storage needs.

Services we Offer

  • Geologic material storage and viewing
  • Core storage
  • core sample storage
  • ditch storage

Now you will have the advantage of looking at your core and cuttings in a specifically designed storage facility, with certain specialized equipment and lighting you require.

Our Geologic Core Storage Services Allow You to:

  • Maintain the quality and value of your drill core and cuttings, while being continuously available to you for critical business matters.
  • Have regular and flexible access to your core in a safe and professional environment in close proximity to labs.
  • Focus on analysis. Our trained professionals will handle layout and positioning
  • Reduce your operational costs through the use of off-site facility space.

What are the Advantages of Geologic Core Storage?

  • Keep samples organized and secure for future viewing
  • Immediate access to samples when desired
  • Convenient laboratory and viewing center inside facility
  • Increase of office space and budget management


If you’re looking for a reliable and quality off-site storage facility, consider Alaska Archives for all geologic core storage needs. Our professionals have over 20 years’ of experience in the industry, and have been assisting businesses of all industry backgrounds and sizes with several secure management services. Our solution is cost-effective and secure to protect your critical geological samples. Access inside our facility is limited to authorized personnel and escorted clients. As always, your security is our top priority and we will do everything to ensure you trust our team to care for your samples. Storage containers are all labeled and identified with an individual bar code that represents each unique client.  We will track the exact location of each container for immediate retrieval and fast service.

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