Vault Storage & Data Backup: Secure Your Private Information

As a business owner, you know how critical data is to the success of your company; in fact, the risk of losing such critical information pertaining to your market, competitors, customers, budget, and more could cause devastating effects for your organization. Studies show in the United States that less than 10 percent of companies survive a large data loss without a thorough recovery plan in place. Close to half never return to regular business, and in some cases, they shut down completely within two years of data loss.

vault storage and secure data backup facility

The Importance of Secure Vault Storage & Data Backup

The fact is that accidents do happen. Files get deleted mistakenly, or hardware in a workstation or server fails, and the critical data that’s vital to businesses gets damaged or vanishes entirely with the occurrence of such mishaps. Secure backup of your business records may be one of the best decision’s your company can make, and one that could save your company over and over again.


Off-site Data Backup and Records Storage

Off site Data Backup storageIn the event of an unexpected natural disaster, theft, or facility destruction, a professional off-site storage solution ensures your information is 100% secure and free from harm. Your backup information stored in our secure environment is accessible if your information is deleted by accident. At Alaska Archives, our records storage solutions allow you to quickly recover critical operational information, necessary to maintain day-to-day business procedures. Failure to protect records from exposure or destruction due to improper storage may result in serious liability issues for your organization, thus making it difficult to recover from the loss. Turning to off-site backup and records storage solutions is a valuable service that will protect your company and customers, and ultimately keep you secure from loss revenue.

Why Alaska Archives for Your Data and Records Storage Needs?

Peace of Mind:

When you team up with Alaska Archives, you can rest assured that your information is in very reliable hands. Alaska Archives can perform fast media pickup and delivery with reliable, secure, and documented chain of custody procedures. Whether you’re looking to store archived records safely, or require electronic backup services, we have the qualified team and technological means to do so effectively.


Partnering with Alaska Archives provides you with better control over your records and data. As a business owner, you have a legal obligation to maintain security over private, customer information. Our records storage solutions ensure you are meeting these standards for compliance. We provide internal controls, audit trails, security logs, user activity and document history reports which further assist you in remaining compliant with government and industry regulations.


secure data backup storageOur facility is equipped with the essential services and security systems to keep your vital data safe. We supply you with 24/7 protection against sudden disasters with recovery planning and backup of your digital information and physical documents. Our highly innovative fire suppression system guarantees protection over your records at all times.


Climate Controlled Vaults:

Our off-site vault is a temperature and humidity controlled environment. In addition to backup data, we store any type of heat sensitive material such as tapes and hard drives, in controlled temperature storage. Our media vault remains at a consistent stead temperature of approximately 20 degrees Celsius, with a humidity rate of 40%.


Our records storage services are affordable and flexible. We provide you with the peace of mind you can’t put a price tag on. Simply discuss with us your requirements and budget, and we’ll work with you to design a records management solution that works for you. There are no hidden fees or long-term contract commitments with Alaska Archives.

Successful Records Storage and Management: The key to records management is knowing what you have, where it is, how to access it, and when to destroy it. Can your business afford the time, staff or floor space to maintain meaningful records storage and management? Alaska Archives provides secure, climate-controlled record storage, inventory, and protection of your confidential files, documents, and electronic media. We ensure your sensitive records are organized and indexed, accessible and safe.
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